This Book is Cursed 5: 100 Pictures of Your Death (The Curse of the Ancient Cryptids 10)

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These images weave evil itself around an ancient and malevolent curse embedded within a forbidden book, created by an ancient race of evil beings. Concealed for a million years, these accursed tomes predict the end of the world and bear the power to curse the reader to death.
In a world teetering on the edge of cataclysm, a group of priests stumbled upon the accursed books, hidden deep within the confines of a long-forgotten temple. When opened and read, the curse within the book is unleashed, binding the fate of the reader to the ominous prophecy of an impending apocalypse.
As the curse takes effect, the afflicted individuals embark on a race against time to decipher the cryptic contents of the book. You must unravel the ancient photos and their foreboding predictions to uncover a way to break the curse before it seals your doom. Their journey is fraught with peril, pitting them against both supernatural forces and their own inner demons.
These tomes explore the enigmatic past of the ancient evil race that created the books and their motivations behind the curses. It sheds light on their malevolent intentions, their struggles for power, and their desire to manipulate the destiny of humankind.
The books will build to a climactic showdown while you confront the ultimate choice — to accept your fate or defy the prophecy, risking your life in the process. As the world inches closer to its foretold end, you will strive to rewrite your destiny and challenge the very fabric of a curse that has endured for a million years.
You are invited to delve into the depths of dark prophecies and face the chilling consequences of forbidden knowledge and face imminent doom.

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