Grandpa’s Alien Noodles 2: 100 Pictures of the Biggest Wiggliest Noodle YOU Have Ever Seen! (The Alien Noodle Paradox Book 5)

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In a sleepy all American town, something sinister lurks beneath the surface of the tranquil swimming pool. When a mysterious meteor crashes nearby, it unleashes a horrifying force that threatens to engulf the entire country. Big Brown Wiggly Alien Noodles emerge from the crater, their writhing tendrils reaching out to ensnare unsuspecting victims.
As the noodles slither into the minds and bodies of humans, they twist and corrupt their hosts, transforming them into grotesque caricatures of their former selves – elderly beings with hollow eyes and twisted smiles. These unwitting vessels become servants to the alien agenda, their sole purpose to protect the wiggly noodles at all costs.
The once-idyllic town descends into chaos as the noodle-infected seniors roam the streets, their eerie laughter echoing through the night. Those who dare to resist are met with a fate worse than death, their minds consumed by the horrors lurking within the noodles’ depths.
The noodles are not merely invaders from another world – they are ancient entities beyond human comprehension, hungry for power and control. And with each passing moment, their influence spreads like a cancer, threatening to consume everything in their path.

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